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VHS, VHS-C, Beta, 8MM to DVD/Flash Drive

Wedding videos, birthday parties, first steps, first words and all the other special memories you carried around that large video camera for are about to be lost! Advancements in technology are about to make your best memories obsolete. Save them before it is too late. We'll digitize them onto DVD and you can throw out all the old bulky tapes and watch them again and again on modern media players. We are able to convert overseas videos!

Prints, Slides, Negatives to CD/Flash Drive

Remember those boxes full of slides and photo albums filled with pictures, envelopes with the original negatives? A lifetime full of memories to share with children, grandchildren and other family and friends are about to be lost forever! We can save those in digital format! Make multiple copies for everyone. Share them on social media and reconnect with people from your past.

Records, Cassette Tapes to CD/Flash Drive

Relive the Good Old Days with the best music mixes you took the time to create on cassette tapes. Do you have vintage LP's? You can still enjoy them by converting them to CD format. Music in digital format does not degrade the way older recording formats did. They don't get caught in the machine, kids can't unwind them, they take up less space, and the sound quality is preserved. The best part is that you don't have to rewind and fast forward to get to the songs you like best.

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We Saved

Packages of mixed media



Save everything from an important event and share it with others if you like.  

We also offer discounts for multiple copies and package deals for events

(wedding video, photos, and negatives or slides) 

What Our Clients Say

“Great service to consolidate boxes of pictures and negatives. We are so happy with the quality of these discs. We will be using you guys again in the future!”

Geoff Hinman

“The cost was reasonable and service completed in a really timely fashion. I am so happy I sent my pictures in to your company! I have already uploaded a ton of my images to Facebook and now I get to edit them as I please as well. I will definitely be recommending International Video Conversions to friends and family!”

Sarah Levenson

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