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VHS, Beta, 8MM to DVD:


Wedding videos, birthday parties, first steps, first words and all the other special memories you carried around that large video camera for are about to be lost! New technology makes it virtually impossible to watch the tapes that you tirelessly filmed. Save them before it is too late. We’ll digitize them onto DVD’s and you can throw out all the old bulky tapes and watch them again and again on modern media players.

family-watching-video-multi-generation-med-1Would you ask someone to call your beeper instead of your cell phone? Technology is always evolving, and while it was groundbreaking at the time to personally film your family memories on a camcorder, or receive a VHS copy of your wedding to relive with your partner, the times have changed. But should that mean you cannot enjoy those special moments with your loved ones? Of course not!

usb-dvd-2We are excited to provide the service of video digitization for VHS tapes and various other camcorder outputs. USB’s and DVD’s containing updated formats can be easily shared and passed along via e-mail, social media, and enjoyed from the comfort of your living room.

streaming-images-2You can edit into montage videos, or edit the actual footage to be more clean and sharp. Old VHS tapes are bulky and temperamental. It is not worth losing the heartwarming moments to an accident that damages the tape. Preserve these videos instead of letting them gather dust in the attic. The embarrassing karaoke session or the giggling baby doesn’t have to stop with you. Make sure future generations can relive these moments and carry a piece of the past with them.

Films or Slides to CD:

camera-film-photos-2 Remember those boxes full of slides, albums full of photos and envelopes with the original negatives? A lifetime full of memories to share with children, grandchildren and other family and friends are about to be lost forever! We can save those in digital format! Make multiple copies for everyone. Share them on social media and reconnect with people from your past.

antique-family-photo-3Pictures are such a beautiful way of including others in your special moments. Sometimes we are separated by distance, and other times we are separated by time itself. But even if you prepared for the future by ordering and saving negatives or slides of your photographs, they are virtually useless now.

baby-messy-face-1Every Tom, Dick, and Harry is an amateur photographer these days. You can snap, edit and upload your photo albums at the click of a button… not to mention, some apps will even generate all of the work for you. A person can catalog every waking second of their child, wedding or special honored event. It is not too late to revitalize those moments of your own to share with your friends and family. Those carefully stored slides and negatives can be digitized and those moments can be available to you again.












Your bookcases are filled with albums, thousands of photos that will only fade sitting on a piece of yellowing scrapbook paper. Or worse, the photos that get damaged by a leaking pipe. We can scan the photos for you, create digital albums that you can edit, enhance and enjoy without lifting a heavy book or sorting through decades of photos to find what you are searching for. Those pictures captured special moments, and now you have a chance to bring those memories back to life!

LP or Cassette Tapes to CD:

old-phonograph-1Relive the Good Old Days with the best music mixes you took the time to create on cassette tapes. Do you have vintage LP’s? You can still enjoy them by converting them to CD format. Music in digital format does not degrade the way older recording formats did. They don’t get caught in the machine, kids can’t unwind them, they take up less space, and the sound quality is preserved. The best part is that you don’t have to rewind and fast forward to get to the songs you like best.

girl-headphones-2Technology has hit its stride and it’s time to take advantage of all the incredible features we have available at the click of a button. Cell phones morph into one tiny Inspector Gadget device with a thousand functions and even more space. Imagine how great it would be to have all the songs you remember, all the songs you love at the click of a button or right in your pocket. Our service provides quality sound for all of those songs and soundtracks that you yearn to hear again.


When was the last time you listened to a cassette tape? You have a whole array of mixed tapes and original soundtracks, but finding the equipment to play your music can be difficult and expensive. So instead you have a really great collection of paperweights.

vinyl-records-1Or how about that beautiful vintage vinyl that you bought of Simon and Garfunkel live in Central Park? The last time you saw a vinyl collection being used, they were hanging on the walls of Urban Outfitter – retro chic. But the music is still there! And we can digitize the music and create a CD filled with MP3’s, compatible with stereos, computers, and car systems. We will preserve it for you so they aren’t just memories, but collections that you can enjoy again and again.