Prints Films or Slides to CD or USB Flash Drive

camera-film-photos-2Remember those boxes full of slides, albums full of photos and envelopes with the original negatives? A lifetime full of memories to share with children, grandchildren and other family and friends are about to be lost forever! We can save those in digital format! Make multiple copies for everyone. Share them on social media and reconnect with people from your past.

antique-family-photo-3Pictures are such a beautiful way of including others in your special moments. Sometimes we are separated by distance, and other times we are separated by time itself. But even if you prepared for the future by ordering and saving negatives or slides of your photographs, they are virtually useless now.

baby-and-dog-2jpgEvery Tom, Dick, and Harry is an amateur photographer these days. You can snap, edit and upload your photo albums at the click of a button… not to mention, some apps will even generate all of the work for you. A person can catalog every waking second of their child, wedding or special honored event. It is not too late to revitalize those moments of your own to share with your friends and family. Those carefully stored slides and negatives can be digitized and those moments can be available to you again.

photo-albums-2Your bookcases are filled with albums, thousands of photos that will only fade sitting on a piece of yellowing scrapbook paper. Or worse, the photos that get damaged by a leaking pipe. We can scan the photos for you, create digital albums that you can edit, enhance and enjoy without lifting a heavy book or sorting through decades to find what you are searching for. Those pictures captured special moments, and now you have a chance to bring those memories back to life!