VHS to DVD or USB Flash Drive













Wedding videos, birthday parties, first steps, first words and all the other special memories you carried around that large video camera for are about to be lost! New technology makes it virtually impossible to watch the tapes that you tirelessly filmed. Save them before it is too late. We’ll digitize them onto DVD’s and you can throw out all the old bulky tapes and watch them again and again on modern media players.

family-watching-video-multi-generation-med-1Would you ask someone to call your beeper instead of your cell phone? Technology is always evolving, and while it was groundbreaking at the time to personally film your family memories on a camcorder, or receive a VHS copy of your wedding to relive with your partner, the times have changed. But should that mean you cannot enjoy those special moments with your loved ones? Of course not!

usb-dvd-2We are excited to provide the service of video digitization for VHS tapes and various other camcorder outputs.  DVD’s containing updated formats can be easily shared and passed along via e-mail, social media, and enjoyed from the comfort of your living room.

streaming-images-2You can edit into montage videos, or edit the actual footage to be cleaner and sharper. Old VHS tapes are bulky and temperamental. It is not worth losing the heartwarming moments to an accident that damages the tape. Preserve these videos instead of letting them gather dust in the attic. The embarrassing karaoke session or the giggling baby doesn’t have to stop with you. Make sure future generations can relive these moments and carry a piece of the past with them.